Recording the moderation for the game „Kulm Skiflug WM 2016“

Voices for realism

To add realism and live-feeling to our game we brought in the two official TV’s sports narrators for the World Championship 2016 – Andreas Goldberger and Martin Koch.
Both of them look back to a long and very successful carrier as ski jumpers and now moderate ski jumping sports events for Austria’s national TV station ORF.

The recordings took place at Xtension Productions, a cosy and very well equipped recording studio in Bad Mitterndorf.


recording session with Martin Koch


To prepare the recording sessions we wrote a short script with all possible situations a player could encounter during the game.
Every situation has 3 – 5 different alternative audio clips from each narrator which are randomly selected by our moderation system.

There are clips for situations like

  • strong wind from the side, good balancing
  • light wind from the back, bad balancing
  • good starting conditions
  • long jump, good landing.
  • etc.

To make sure the narration sounds as natural as possible we decided to record one-takes. No overdubs.

12079828_872915926110617_2417914068285874013_orecording session with Andreas Goldberger

Once all the required audio clips were recorded we mastered them in Steinberg’s Cubase using various plugins from Waves, Ozone and Steven Slates VCC to get the typical sports narration sound you hear on TV.
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Ronald Soelkner
Ronald Soelkner
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