BitsAlive Game Studios is an independent video game development studio based in Bad Mitterndorf, Austria.
The latest addition to our game portfolio is "Bullyparade - DER Spiel" - the official game to Michael Bully Herbig's new movie "Bullyparade - Der Film".

Early history
Ronald Soelkner, Christian Stuecklschweiger and Marcus Buettner first met in 1994 as 14-year old kids when they attended a higher technical college for software engineering in Kaindorf, Austria. In 1996 they created their first game "ID96" which won in an international game development contest.

After that...
After graduating from school Christian Stuecklschweiger, Marcus Buettner and Ronald Soelkner moved to different parts in Austria. Still, they always stayed in touch and met occasionally to chat and play video games.
In 2011, Ron and Chris decided to create a game for mobile devices for old times sake. Something simple, funny and easy to pull off. They called themselves BitsAlive and released their first game Brodlzottn later that year for iOS, written in native Objective-C code.
To be able to create games for Android as well, they moved to Marmalade - a cross platform framework - and created Paper Pinball, a casual doodle-styled pinball game. 
In 2013, Marcus Buettner joined BitsAlive as programmer. They moved away from 2D games and switched to Unity as their new game engine. Their next game was Thunderballs, a 3D fantasy bomberman-style multiplayer game for up to 8 players.
In 2015 they decided to create a prototype for a ski jumping game. The Kulm - a famous ski flying ramp located in Bad Mitterndorf, the hometown of Ronald Soelkner - was venue for the Ski Flying World Championship in 2016. They used photogrammetry techniques and GIS data, as well as construction plans to digitally recreate the terrain and ramp.
The prototype was shown to the FIS officials who decided to sign it up as official game for the event. Development of the game Kulm Skiflug WM 2016 started in January 2015 and Gerald Soelkner, Ronald's brother joined BitsAlive as animator for that project.
In October, 2016 they began working on "Bullyparade - DER Spiel" - the official game for Michael Bully Herbig's new movie "Bullyparade - Der Film".
In June, 2017 Ronald Soelkner, Christian Stuecklschweiger and Marcus Buettner founded BitsAlive Game Studios GmbH & Co KG as legal company.

Images and Screenshots


Bullyparade - DER Spiel - Screenshot


Bullyparade - DER Spiel - Screenshot


Bullyparade - DER Spiel - Screenshot


Kulm Skiflug WM 2016 - Screenshot



BitsAlive Game Studios - Logo - Black Background


BitsAlive Game Studios - Logo - White Background