Kulm Skiflug WM 2016 – Aftermath


Official Release of Kulm Skiflug WM 2016


Recording the moderation for the game „Kulm Skiflug WM 2016“

Voices for realism To add realism and live-feeling to our game we brought in the two official TV’s sports narrators for the World Championship 2016 – Andreas Goldberger […]

Performance Optimization in Unity

Hello everybody. Today I wanna talk about some things we found out about performance tweaking in Unity. There are a lot of good resources on the internet about […]

How to bake Diffuse maps in Modo

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! In our last blogpost we spoke about baking Normal maps in Modo. For our Ski Flying WC 2016 game […]

How to bake Normal maps in Modo

Hi everyone! For our Ski Flying WC 2016 game we retopologized a high-poly terrain (which we created with Photogrammetry – see our last blogpost for more info) to […]

Kulm Skiflug WM 2016 – Creating terrain with Photogrammetry

Creating the world Welcome back to the blog! Today we wanna talk about how we create the terrain for our Ski flying game. As mentioned in the previous […]

New mobile game – Kulm Skiflug WM 2016

Kulm Skiflug WM 2016 – Ski flying World Championship – The mobile game We’d like to document the development progress of our new game – a Ski zum […]

How to create awesome terrains in Unity

Today we wanna give a short insight on how we create terrains for planet surfaces. Though Unity has some terrain shaping tools, they are somewhat limited. We’re […]